Impartiality Policy

CPSI Registrars shall act professionally, accurately, and in an unbiased manner. All information shall be confidentially maintained in regard to all work involved with the client. CPSI Registrars will take action to respond to any threats to its impartiality in accordance with the company’s policy for potential conflicts of interest.

All CPSI Registrars’ assessors working in the registration practices will sign independence declarations prior to client assignment. CPSI Registrars will not offer or provide consulting services to obtain or maintain certification services to those organizations that CPSI Registrars has registered. We will not register an organization that has received consultancy or internal auditing services that pose a threat to the impartiality of CPSI Registrars for a minimum of two years following the end of the consultancy.

To further ensure that there is no conflict of interest, personnel who have provided consultancy shall not be part of an audit team to assess, review, make registration decisions, or to review or approve the resolution of a complaint or appeal for that client within two years for all standards following the end of the consultancy or employment.

Confidentiality Policy

CPSI Registrars shall keep confidential all the information obtained from the client during the performance of the services and shall not disclose such information unless CPSI Registrars obtains written consent from the client or such disclosure required by law or the information is publicly available.

Verification of Registration

The Registration Status of clients may be obtained by contacting our office. This allows verification of client’s registration status and validity.

Registration Marks Guideline

As a CPSI Registrars registered organization, a client has the right to publicize that the assessed and approved management system has been registered and can apply the relevant marks to stationery and promotional material in relation to the scope of registration and registered site(s) as detailed on the Certificate of Registration. If you have any questions as to whether your proposed use of the registration marks on an advertisement, brochure or other promotional material follows these guidelines, please send a sample to us for review.